Steelers Win Super Bowl!

Steelers Win Super Bowl!

Steelers win is what you will be hearing on February 5, 2006. The Steelers are the first team to beat the 1, 2 and 3 seeded teams to get to the Super Bowl, all while on the road. They are also on a tear winning their last 6 games.

Seahawks, no doubt, are the best team in the NFC while being number 1 while making their way through the playoffs, beating a weak Washington team and a one man team Carolina. All the while, the are the 6th seed in a much tougher division who get to Detroit by beating the Cincinnati Bengals, the best team in the league, in Indianapolis, and then went up to Mile High to beat Denver.

Seahawks ranked 4th in total offense while Steelers are ranked 7th. But the key as we all know is defense Steelers are ranked 3rd in the entire league while Seattle is ranked 15th.

During the regular season, Seattle’s two losses that count are to teams ranked in the top ten, Jacksonville (ranked 7) and Washington (ranked 9). The two other teams that Settle faced in the top 15 in defense during the regular season they won by only three points both times; however, both of their offenses where not ranked as high as the Steelers.

The difference in this game is that Settle can only shutdown one player but can not break down an entire team. The only teams that Settle faced that had more than one offensive threat during the season was Indianapolis in week 16 when the team decided to rest up which really doesn’t count.

Steelers are hungry for a Super Bowl with many veterans that anchor the team who have plenty of playoff experience.

I don’’t choose perfect scores. Steelers win 24-10!


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