Where’s My Gun, There is a Pimp!

There is a clear and definite connection between Mayor Nagin of the city of New Orleans and Senator Hillary Clinton from the Great State of New York. They both subscribe to a time that is long since past and hangs over Americans like a pall. We can not forget, we can not overcome and with every step to progress to adulthood there are those who can not get beyond themselves and will not allow the rest of us to move ourselves or our country forward. The plantation is a clear event of the past with chocolate city pitchers of Soul City failures to comprehend the reality that Black, African Americans, people of color want what every other American wants, to be treated as an American with an equal share in the dream.

Please, someone tell that the abolitionist movement is over and the NAACP now has black leadership. The Republican party is now a viable alternative to the Democratic welfare state that has created a near permanent black economic under class. The Great Society was not great for Black Americans and was not great for Americans. The Democratic party can no longer count on the Black voting support the way it did in 1932. The Republican party will change as more Blacks and people of color see the Republican party as a viable means of political expression.

Mayor Nagin of the beautiful city of New Orleans has cast his city with a dark and mean spirit of separatism. The King Fish has rolled in his grave. I don’t know what God is thinking but I can not believe that she would leave the culture of New Orleans spent. If there is poverty in the City of New Orleans it is with it’s leadership.

The hustle and flow of is clearly that it is hard out here for a pimp, while Senator Clinton sings a labored song of we shall overcome, baby, baby. She remains unapologetic and one is not expected. Her apology will be in her political failure. This failure is as sure as the people colour move into the mainstream of American life.



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