Live Blogging: The Senate Debate on Alito Confirmation

11:39 am…Tanked Up Teddy is currently on the floor of the Senate. In spite of all that he has heard in the Senate Committee he continues to imply that Judge Alito is incapable of being impartial.

I think it is you, Teddy who is incapable of judging impartially and thus it is hard for you to imagine that anyone could be a fair minded judge. It called projection. The favorite defense mechanism of the Democrats who they have no logical reason for opposing someone.

11:43 am…Dick Durbin has the task of futhering the argument that the seat that Judge Alito is about to take is the seat of Sandra Day O’connor and must be replace by a known moderate. (yawn)

Durban calls O’connor a Goldwater Conservative! Oh!
Doesn’t Goldwater brings to mind States Rights, the debate which shifted the Civil Right community towards the Democrats and what we now know was Liberal-welfare oblivion for the country.

You have to give these losers credit. Once they decide on a losing strategy, they don’t back off of it to the bitter end of their credibility. I say well done.

The American people like Judge Alito and find the Democrats of the Senate simple minded crybabies.

Next theme of Durbin speech: What do yu feel?

Now Durbin invoked Solomon and the bible! Suggesting Alito has no heart…

Refrain…the O’connor standard is invoked again…

This comes to mind as I watch this session….the seat that is being filled is not the O’connor seat.

12:03pm…Sen. Cornyn

Judicial Restraint..

The little guy…

The little guy prejudice is based on a misconception of how a judge is suppose to behave. They are not to decide cases based on sympathy. The case is decided based on the facts of the case.

What a novel idea!

12:20pm…Sen. George Allen

If you want to filibuster, “make my day!” Now we’re talking guys, if they want to filibuster, go ahead and do it. They’ll lose and the country will be treated to a public flogging of these cowards.

Democrat’s fallacy of logic: guilt by association

I’ve got to go now …this debate is just more of the same. Give them hell,Republicans.


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