The Whitehouse released its strategy report today that the National Security staff had been working on since June. It is the first full statement of the US strategic position on the war against Al Qaeda and terrorist sponsors since the 2002 report that was written in the run up to the Al Qaeda-focused War on Terrorism.

Key Points:

  • Iran is the “single country that may pose the biggest danger to the US.
  • Reaffirms pre-emptive military action as a central tenet of current US security policy.
  • Emphasizes the continued use of diplomatic negotiations to resolve conflicts.
  • Lists the governments of N. Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Belarus, Burma and Zimbabwe as “Despotic Systems.”
  • US must isolate “Despotic Systems” and engage those willing to give up violence.
  • Singles out Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez as “a demagogue awash in oil money” who desires to destabilize the American hemispheres.
  • The Administration needs to bulk up its post-conflict capabilities and create a “civilian reserve corps” to rebuild countries in the aftermath of military actions.
  • Promises to promote nuclear power abroad to provide “reliable, emission-free energy.”

For those who doubt the intent of this President, check out the final thought tendered in historic document,

There was a time when two oceans seemed to provide protection from problems in other lands, leaving America to lead by example alone. That time has long since passed. America cannot know peace, security, and prosperity by retreating from the world. America must lead by deed as well as by example. This is how we plan to lead, and this is the legacy we will leave to those who follow.

The National Security Advisor, Stephen Hadley will unveil the report in a speech in Washington.

Read the full report

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