If you’ve been following the storyline of Michael Steele has he attempts to become the first Republican of African Descent since reconstruction, you might find this article by JC Watts one good read. Here is the article in excerpts.

It seems that some Democrat Party leaders in the great state of Maryland, still foaming at the mouth to bring shame upon the candidacy of a black Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, are aiming more outrageous charges at Michael Steele.

This time, they are trying to wrap Hurricane Katrina around Steele’s neck, by linking him to the Bush administration’s hurricane response in an attempt to weaken his appeal to black voters.

The absurdity of trying to link the Katrina response to Steele defies any sense of reason. I think anyone who can fog a mirror has already acknowledged that all levels of government were lacking in their response. Steele has done so publicly, and on more than one occasion.

Certainly, if Democrats want to go after Steele for the perceived or real missteps on the part of the Republican administration, wouldn’t it be fair to wrap Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and their feeble disaster management around Maryland’s Democrat nominee? Come on, people, let’s get serious.

It is ironic indeed that these same people, whose policies have failed to get people like those displaced in New Orleans out of the cycle of poverty pre-Katrina, are now the very ones squawking when others don’t rescue them from poverty post-Katrina.

As I have said often, these poor people shouldn’t have been in that level of poverty, given the amount of dollars our government has spent since the Johnson administration in anti-poverty programs.

Democrats fear Michael Steele because he can appeal to more constituencies than just White Anglo Saxon Protestant Republicans. They have vowed to do or say anything they can to keep this man from being the fourth black U.S. senator in the last 100 years.

J.C. Watts is the former U.S House of Representative from Oklahoma and served from 1995 to 2002. He is presently the chairman of J.C. Watts Companies, a business consulting group. His e-mail address is

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  1. Stefan A. Schoellmann Says:


    Noone is going to bully there way into the President Bush’s Whitehouse either.

    The new right agenda will NEVER WORK unless my testimony is published on this matter, either that or I am given a public exoneration of my name and good works and compensated accordingly.

    Although Ms. McKinney made some biting comments about Sherriff Harry Lee’s handling after and during the Katrina storm, she was NOT there at the point of destruction, I live there. She should instead focus on the rampant pedophelia and documented international child abduction taking place in Atlanta as we speak.

    I was there to warn the US on 911, I was there helping my african american friends and more during Katrina.

    If you want righteous leadership and you believe in the true mantle of Jesus Christ on this nation, no black light will EVER succeed in its aspirations to Advance the Kingdom until my full testimony is heard.

    Oklahoma and Georgia are NOT the lead state in the Economic Justice Alliance, Kentucky is.
    You can not google the truth.

    Very Concerned about the
    Economic & Behavioral Sanity
    of the Citizens of “Anytown, USA”

    Stefan A. Schoellmann
    CEO, SSiS Technologies
    Jefferson Parish, LA “Project 913”
    founder: Economic Justice Alliance (SM)
    3,000+ projects to market. (available since 1998)
    (C) 2005

  2. Nightfighter Says:

    Thank you for your comments and for clicking my ads.

    Please stop by again.

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