Looks like there may be more reasons for what appears to be the terrorists last ditch killing spree to stop democracy in Iraq – besides being on the wrong side of Human history

According to US Today, the women of Iraq are defying the terrorists as well:

‘We can’t walk the streets anymore. When you sleep, you know you’re not safe.” “I have four kids. That’s not the life I want for them,” says Sondos, who at the age of 30 has signed up for the Iraqi Military!

Sondos is one of 30 women who recently graduated the basic training course for the Iraqi army’’s 1st brigade.

“The Iraqi army is actively recruiting women,” said Lt. Col. Fred Wellman, spokesman for Lt. Gen. David Petraeus, the U.S. commander in charge of equipping and training Iraqi security forces. “They need them. There are certain jobs absolutely necessary to women.”

Very interesting. Women in Iraq are joining the military despite threats with death by the Islamic Terrorists. Notwithstanding, this trend reflects the growing role of women in the struggle for freedom from Islamofacism in Iraq. However this is not rare for the women of Iraq women despite current Islamic prohibitions against their service in their country’’s armed services.

A female warrior, named Khawla Bint al-Azwar in the time of the prophet Mohammed, disguised herself as a man to fight in Muslim wars. Sondos’’ class bears the named of this great warrior who will join 120 other women in the 1st brigade. They will receive the same pay as the men of $330 US Dollars a month.

The newest soldiers will take on a number of roles, including administrative, medical and public affairs duties. But make no mistake, there is no front line; they will be in harms way. They will go on combat missions, particularly the cordon-and-search variety where they will search females in the terrorists’’ homes. And they will also interrogate and look after female suspects detained at the brigade’’s headquarters.

Let’’s give Brigadier General Jaleel Khalaf, commander of the 1st Brigade and top Commander of Iraqi troops in Baghdad and 1st Lt. Taysha Deaton, a public affairs officer with the 256th Brigade Combat Team, the last word respectively:

““They represent a small step toward the future look of the Iraqi army.””

“This is a huge step. How many years did it take us to reach this level?”

(Okay I get the last word) 😉 If we keep listening to the Democrats and the liberals of the world may never know how long it will take for freedom and peace to spread around the world.

Right Wing News notes Bush’s Strategy In Iraq Is Starting To Pay Off
USA Today: US Women in Irag
USA Today: US Iraq Causualities plummeted in March(The Drive-by Media won’t like this headline.)


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