From AP’s Angus Shaw…

For the first time in at least 40 years, supplies of Coca Cola dried up Wednesday in yet another sign of crippling economic crisis in Zimbabwe, where people suffer acute bread shortages and farmers warn that worse is yet to come.

Harare agents for Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Co. said local production of the drink stopped earlier this month, but refused to say why. Bar and cafe owners said they had been promised resumed deliveries at the end of the month, but were told hard currency shortages had prevented licensed bottlers importing the secret concentrated syrup used to mix the popular soft drink.

One sports club in Harare on Wednesday sold imported canned Coke made under license in Malaysia for 100,000 Zimbabwe dollars ($1), double the price of the locally bottled version.

It was the first Coke drought across the country for at least four decades, shop owners said. Throughout the seven-year guerrilla war that ended white rule and led to independence in 1980, Coca-Cola was available in rural stores in the heart of war zones.

Traditionally, it has been the country’s best-selling soft drink, and its absence underscored the nation’s worst economic crisis since independence.

the full story…

If Zimbabweans don’t rid their country of Robert Mugabe, will the people be dying for a coke in the not to distant future?


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