Lauren Weiner, a researcher for Sen. Schumer’s (D-NY) Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, is expected to plead guilty to fraudulently obtaining Lt. Governor Michael Steele’s credit report in federal court on Friday. However, Steele’s attorney is asking for assurances that this “doesn’t happen again” to any other conservative politicians, or there will be hell to pay!

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, it is a felony to willfully and knowingly obtain information from a consumer reporting agency under false pretenses. Offenders can be fined and imprisoned.

Weiner was Deputy Research Director at the Democratic committee when she began investigating the background of Steele, who is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Way to go Lt. Governor, keep the pressure on those bastards! Will Senator Chuck Schumer be the next to bit the bullet?

Related: Senate Candidate weighs suing over credit report fraud.

Update (3/25): Democratic Staffer Pleads Guilty to Computer Fraud

Michelle Malkin – Dirty Dem Trickster: Guilty


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