from Redstate…

Condoleezza Rice is brilliant. Whoever thought to book her on the Sundays shows this morning is brilliant. She probably did not reach the more conceptually-challenged folks in the DC press corps, and she most certainly didn’t enter the cavernous skulls of the dolts in the lefty blogosphere, but here points are ones which ought to be shouted from the palisades and the towers.

Secretary Rice told Tim Russert on NBC’s Meet the Press that the removal of Saddam is giving us a “new Middle East” in place of the old one, the one which brought us the attacks of September 11, 2001. On FNS, she said that our disagreement with Russia concerning Iran and nukes is not over the goal – a nuclear-free Iran – but the means to achieve it. On LE, she told Blitzer that the stability he attributes to an authoritarian regime, such as that in Saddam’s Iraq, is a “false stability,” the kind which fosters terrorism.

What a country!


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