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Joshua Bolten-born August 16, 1955 to Seymour and Analouise of Washington DC, is one of the most powerful men in Washington. Nicknamed “Yosh” by President Bush, loves to bowl and is known to have a great sense of humor.

Bolten is a graduate of St. Albans Prep School, Princeton University and Stanford Law School. He was a former London-based Investment Banker before becoming Deputy White House Chief of Staff and is presently Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Considered to be very competent with his job, Nicolas Calio, former Senior Aide to Both Presidents Bush, says, “he’s one of the most capable people in government but he likes to throw bowling parties. He is famous inside [the White House] for holding the Bolten Pin Tournament.”

Before joining the current Bush administration, he served three years as General Counsel to the US Trade Representative and one year as White House lobbyist for the elder Bush.

Between 1994 to 1999, Bolten was employed as Executive Director, Legal & Government Affairs for Goldman Sachs International in London. A true public servant, Bolten left this very lucrative position to lead Bush’s policy team for the 2000 campaign. He accepted this opportunity because he likes to wrestle with the difficult policy questions and with his extremely organized manner is able to tackle big enterprises. There is no bigger endeavor than the US Government.

He’s well liked by his co-workers at the White House. Andrew Card, the outgoing Chief of Staff, says, “He’s really smart, He’s very humble and he has a great sense of humor. Karl Rove adds, “he’s soft-spoken but very clear thinking.” He’s a wonderful person. He’s professionally and personally one of the best people I’ve ever worked with.”

After serving two years as Policy Director of George W. Bush’s campaign before joining the administration, Bolten has become Bush’s go to guy on some of the White House’s toughest roles. As Deputy Chief of Staff, he was the referee between cabinet officers and officials on policy issues. As OMB Director, he’s had the thankless job of enforcing the President’s tough fiscal decisions. Rove said, “that is the most thankless job in the world.” And yet, most who deal with Bolten feel genuine heard, even though often unsatisfied.

A self-professed workaholic, Bolten works long hours from 7:30am to 10:30pm and rarely gets dispirited. “I almost never have that feeling that I don’t want to come back anytime soon,” he says. And what is his source of enthusiasm? His has a true affection for President Bush. He considers the President to be a “terrific leader” and a great man.

During the 9/11 tumult at the White House, he chaired the Ad Hoc Domestic Consequences Principals Group. This group was originally convened to take non-essential duties from Dr. Condolezza Rice who was overwhelmed by Anti-terrorism duties. The group consisted of the Secretary of Treasury, Transportation, Health and Energy – and other senior officials. Meeting daily under Bolten’s direction, it reviewed the USA Patriot Act, which strengthened the government’s law enforcement powers. The Ad Hoc group also looked for ways to further insure the protection of Americans in this country. This entity is now known as the Department of Homeland Security.

Bolten may be a true gentleman, but he isn’t strait-laced. He is a big music fan, plays the guitar, recites poetry and has a wall collection of Bush’s hands. The pictures highlight Bush’s hands during key moments of his Presidency. You may say that Bolten brings an eclectic mix of intellect and humor to his latest endeavor, Chief of Staff. “There is great satisfaction any time you do a job well,” he said, “but if you do a job well for the public, the satisfaction is magnified geometrically.”

And a little good humor brought into the White House won’t be bad either.


Yahoo/AP: Bolten to Replace Card As Chief of Staff
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