Millionaires are not always born. Most are made. Meet Arthur Blank, the former CEO of Home Depot and millionaire – many times over!

The Home Depot started with two words on an ordinary day in the spring of 1978: “You’re fired!” Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus were unceremoniously fired from their positions at Handy Dan, a chain of home improvement stores, notwithstanding the fact that the two had built up Handy Dan to over $155 million in sales. “Bernie and I picked ourselves up, we mapped out Home Depot on a napkin in our favorite coffee shop. We had almost no capital,” recalls Arthur.

Arthur Blank served as CEO of The Home Depot for 23 years and is now owner of the Atlanta Falcons. Arthur, along with his family, oversees the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, which has donated over a $100 million dollars to various charities.

Read Arthur Blank’s lemonade story…

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  1. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:

    04 05 06

    Good post. We often see these companies and shop there, but don’t know the faces behind the origins and that is always interesting:)

  2. Nightfighter Says:

    Yeah Arthur Blank is the owner of my team – the Atlanta Falcons, but what I am most impressed by is his ability to teach Winning. He has much to teach us about building wealth and winning in life.

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