As Michael Steele, the Senate Candidate for Maryland, adroitly distances himself from President Bush, the White House rewards Steele by sending Vice President Cheney to help Steele raise funds.

Don’t you just love how the President plays politics with the Demo-Rats?

“When people start talking about linking me to the president I have one question for them: Who’s running for the U.S. Senate? Michael Steele, not George Bush,” the Republican said, answering a question about his stance on education.

Vice President Cheney says of Steele:

“Lt. Gov. Steele will be an asset to the Senate.”

Tell them Dick.

Steele’s response:

“I’m an asset to some people and I’m a threat to others,” said Steele, who was in Baltimore to meet with 16 students enrolled in the Reginald Lewis High School after-school male mentoring program. “So I guess I’m in a good spot.”

Washington Post: Cheney Is Featured At Steele Fundraiser
Townhall: Michael Steele: Maryland’s next U.S. Senator



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